Before the Terror

Before that terror came to claim us all,
waves of great emotions crashed upon the shores
of all tomorrows. Sirens screamed an echoing of
agony into the songs of happy dreams come true.
Dreams for too long left for dead within a preset
tabulation (called the days of yore) were left to echo
in an utter emptiness of what was felt as real.

I see it in their eyes (as empty voices speak those
same old alibis) - too many lost and lonely
wanderers that reach to touch eternity beyond
all tomes of linear time and icy histories of mind
alone. Now the records of mere mortal men
begin to blend into the might of those Akashic
records, living through these strands of DNA,
as particles that move in waves of flowing energy.

And oh, the great vibrations felt, within the echoes
of this truth revealed. For mortal minds have reached
a point beyond all definition of deliverance, and
ne'er again will intellects that stand alone claim power
over anything at all; for all that once was thought
as merely real becomes no more than great
frustration building to a rage yet unexpressed
within those dry and arid tomes, dissolving into
nothingness - there on those dusty, musty shelves
of long ago.

Now is a time of loving innocence and our
ascension into immortality. Too much,
too many, for too long, have chosen a belief
in death to reach these heavenly realms
of living love and this experience of life
forevermore. Yet now, all fear has been
unbound, and so the massive quantities
of hordes and herds must bring to be - this,
the greatest revolution of them all. For life
(as we were mesmerized by mind controlling
tendencies), can be no more than just this
feel of all emotion streaming through our own
experience, that ever lives in dreams of
loving hearts.

And here, one touch, one sense, one vast
vibration now appeals the senseless rules of
mortal laws (that seek no more than a majority
of numbing majesty held within minorities
that lack the strength of this continuance).
Now you and I in truth, my friends, must
come alive again, and speak with all the
power of our hearts, even as we bring those
man-made separations into unity again.

For here and now, all angels join to bring
the reasoning of right and wrong back to
the center of it all. Even as we rise and fall,
to shine and fade into these loving hues of
living color. The weak/the strong, the rich/
the poor - there is no compromising this
equality of love within our hearts.

Where once a whispering might seem
near silence in a breezy breath of earthen
atmosphere; now every individual must take
a stand and speak in defense of this love
that is the source of life itself in form.
For no matter intellectual realms that
fade away into emotion; or monetary realms
that only number every living thing, still we feel
one love, this love, alive in each experience
of consciousness - this blessing ever given
to these one-time mortal forms.

While in its quality and worth expressed,
ever shall this love we feel live on...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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