A roar, conceived in heaven, bent
itself in earth's direction, building in
an amplitude that seemed to have
no end. Beauty calling, falling, so
insistently into this end, that must
presage another new beginning.
Insistently, we feel the fall begin.

Not quite yet, but building there, in
realms that lie beyond our human
sense of all sensations. Everything
is changing blatantly, no matter that
we wish it all remain safe and secure.
We have grown to hold too many
days of pain, and taught to keep
them in our grasp. Nonsensical,
this disillusionment, no matter
the proportions that it claims.

Beheld, the beauty of a moment,
seems to vanish in a mystery.
Blindly, we reach out to gain
another touch or sense of its
sweet innocence, to no avail;
for still, we fear to reach too
deep within the shadows of
our soul.

Instantaneous, these moments
of our human recognition. Fleeting
fast, until we learn the art of feeling
it in depth. Emotion - the one subject
never taught in school at all. It seems
the greatest scholars ran in fright
from this subjection, for centuries
on end.

And yet, no matter how we wish it all
away, these feelings ever move and
breathe our life into these forms of
flesh we are. Another star ignites
itself, just here within all mind, simply
for the pleasure of pure being. And we,
subjectively imposed, bow down again
to yet another moment of infatuation.

Just then - a roar, conceived in heaven,
bends itself again in earth's direction.
Beauty calling, falling, so insistently
into those prophecies of ending, that
we know it must presage again,
another new beginning...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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