Beyond the Pain

There is pain so deep, is seems
that it will never go away. Covered
over by the every day that we must
live. It hides in shadowed corners
of our soul, composed of flesh and
blood that chooses just that course
of e'er returning back instead of
moving free and clear.

It blocks the movement that we
ought to take for meant to be;
becoming chains that hold
us back from love, our destiny.

Unheeded, thought deleted;
unresolved, it lurks within the
background, breeding even more
of just the same. Gathering in
bits and pieces, more of what
it wants and needs - to sustain
itself and grow into the power
of it all.

Life's energy was meant to flow,
a free and easy stream of being.
Mysterious, the undertow, that
only speaks in painful interludes
of downcast moods.

Chemically, the scientists believe
that they can alter even this. Then
blanch when yet another epidemic
spreads - unhindered by their
antidotal ways.

And yet when love comes into play,
it has its way of changing everything.
Sweetly singing every pain away.
Gently moving over and between
the links, that seem to dissipate
and slightly change themselves
each time we dare to breathe.

And we are free.
Accepting love and living thus,
we grow our angel wings
and fly away...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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