Circles of Silver

Circles of silver, glowing brightly in the indigo
of night. These she chose to guide her vision
into prophecy. Sailing stars of every variation;
softly glowing moon just at the full. While down
below, the night seemed brighter than it ever
had before.

Constellations clustering into uncounted rounds
of endless power. Source unknown; the day,
the hour, quite unfeasible. Timelessly, life
floated here, without a reprimand. The great
demands of life in time have melted all away.

Here, tomorrow finally comes around, to show
us where the many little choices that we make
will lead, when finally we come to heed the
wisdom of our soul. Opening to all that is,
it shifts our patterns lightly in the ever-blowing
breeze. No angles here, just spheres of light that
hover as they live and grow and change; nurtured
by the darkness of the indigo that must remain
its base.

Stardust filtered into dreams. The sheen of all
that means the most in life. A spark, a flame,
a grain of truth obtained. The visions are too
numerous to count. And yet the ones that
really count outshine the golden dawn.
We are so much more and less
than any pawn of greater power.

Circles of silver, alive in her eyes. Undisguised,
she offers them to you. What will you do, when
on the morrow, they come true...?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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