Dance of Love

I dream again, remembering each
touch of love that blessed me with its
pure experience of being. And this,
I know, encloses everything; for every
moment I have truly lived has been
composed of this astounding love
come true in a reality of form.

So many still believe in pairing halves
to make a whole; yet I believe in wholes
that meet and greet and come to love
each other to the fullest reach that living
beings ever can achieve. And this is more
than just another task to be checked off
some list of those ambivalent and ordinary
details set askance by some ambiguous
society - in a mass-oriented, blind
belief they preach to be religion.

For still, my soul insists on speaking out.
At times, through dreams, remembering this
love of ever-altering endurance; and yet
again, in times I spend that seem to be so
all alone to you. Yet long ago, upon this
altered path which I still tread, that loneliness
that still appeals to you, began to loose and
lose its hold on me. For ever does my soul
fly free upon these atmospheric winds of all
conditioning; speaking words that others
dare not utter, breaking molds too old and
statically beheld, to ever bear a future.

Spirit speaks, and everything must change
and rearrange itself within its winsome call.
For we are each (and all) composed of
particles of living matter, and thus the spirit
of all life must have its way with us. It matters
not the name we bear, or care to give away -
what matters is just this: an ever-living wind
of spirit's bliss, that rides upon the tides
of all tomorrows within this stream of love divine,
regardless of what yesterday might yet again
choose that it ought to be.

I know you feel it too, this overwhelming sense
of freshness in the air, despite the cold or heat
the cyclic tidings of the seasons bring. For this
spirit of love still abides in our hearts, and ever
shall it seek deliverance - through touch and feel,
as well as sight and sound. And oh, delight! As
taste is found to be eternity. Not one, nor two.
Not three or four - can e'er replace the space
where this, the fifth, abides - taking in and letting go,
and oh, the flow, as essence takes the chance
to dance again, within this vapor of a lighted mist
divine - creating all the never-ending hues of
light and life and love's infinity.

Where yours and mine become no more than
just an endless shore where sand runs through
the hands of waves that lift and move us to
another space and place to live beyond the
concept of mere time or space - here loving
e'er has been divine, and you and I can
dance within this chance of love
into eternity sublime...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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