A ship upon the ocean drifts.
You and I, alone again, at last.
Will we allow the many others
in our lives to interfere...? Here,
where love is blossoming so true.

The secrets that we used to keep,
cannot remain askance, not here.
And, if by any chance, you have
some duty to withhold from me, then
please - donít' even think to try and
take a chance with me - not here.

If the grief that is your past, now
needs to be released - I need for you
to understand that it can never be
unleashed in me. It seems most times,
that you have chosen one against
another. Seeking to see all as light;
no matter dark indwelling deep within.

Yet no matter how the feel of that might
seem to overwhelm you now - I cannot
make it better for you anymore. For you
refuse to make a vow to love me true.
And right now, you see, the discord that
the greater world imposes here on me -
is just too much for me to bear alone.

For I am not a clone, remade and thus
reborn into a youth of innocence. Neither
are you. And yet my intuition says that
you have never come, e'en now, to face
the depth of darkness in yourself - and so
I ask, how is it you believe that you can
now face me without it doing harm?

There, in all the discord that you feel...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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