Dissolving Dreams

The dreams dissolved within the everyday.
Habit came to override the love he felt inside.
Deep set - the ruts that used to be
an ever-open mind. Disconnected,
out of joint, the wheels spin but nothing
changes. Life was not worth living anymore.

There was a time he slept within her arms.
Cold and hot, the distance seems extremely
out of whack. Comfort turned into a great,
continuous attack. The war resides
within himself this time. He never thought
he'd have to be the one to give the order.

He'd always been a follower. No matter
all the lone and lonely moments that involved.
He didn't want to take the lead, e'en now.
But no one else was there for him, not
after all the love he had abused. Feelings
streamed. He did not understand. His life
was based upon a calculation of the mind.

It was as if a storm were brewing, somewhere
deep inside. His body wished no longer
to reside within his mind. Heart and soul
and body - three - they took a stand at last.
His mind was melting too consistently.
The blackouts in his memory became
awash with light.

Too bright, too clear, that ever growing
atmosphere he felt. He'd never dealt
with anything quite like it. Where once,
he used to stand askance, his essence
now was being chanced within a storm
of light. And all the dreams he never
lived, became the cause of all his

He didn't want to know, but still, he knew.
He didn't want to learn, but still, he grew.
Every time he tried to close his eyes,
another revelation opened them. He
didn't sink, he couldn't swim. Existence
was no more than a suspension. And
there was no one left to blame it on
this time.

The one he loved had disappeared.
The one he loved had always been
himself. He looked into the mirror
and saw a stranger staring back.
The eyes that used to shine so bright
were sunken, shadowed hollows.
The hair, once thick and shiny,
barely covered o'er the skull.
He could no longer find a way
to see right through it all.

His dreams dissolved within the everyday.
The right felt wrong, the songs no longer
sang themselves in him. The life
he'd built just never would feel right,
not anymore. For he'd never dared
to make his dreams come true...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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