Dream Away

The power of love or the power of hate?
Where will it go when we open the gate?
Pain or pleasure waiting there.
A spiral stair that leads nowhere.
Depravation, utter need.
Intoxicated, spirit bleeds
itself into another atmosphere,
where all that we held dear becomes
the reason that we ran so far away.

Concentration falters then.
He finds himself back in.
Unrecognized, he looks into the mirror,
wondering if love will ever come
to him again. The world spins
inside his head. Meaningless,
the words were said to pacify
and hypnotize his mind. A rush,
a crash, a breaking wave - and all
he ran away from in the day,
comes to haunt him in his sleep,
where dreaming deep, he feels
it happening.

Conscious of unconsciousness,
floating in the foggy mist, he sees
it all come clear. Knowing now,
that all he feared was true.
A moan, a groan, a banshee screaming.
There, in the untime of dreaming.
Catch a star and burn within its soul.
Feel the fiery heat within
the ever growing whole.

Love or hate? The door's unlocked
and quickly opening. Each dream
has the propensity of real. And so
the choice, the move, the bend -
he chooses then, to sleep
the dream away...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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