Energy Divine

Starry-eyed wonder and innocent eyes;
souls fly through the night
in a burst of surprise;
learning supernal, the meaning of life
within one swarm of loving energy.

Light to dark, the blues play through
in ever streaming colors of delight,
as magic dances in a trance that leads
to realms of magic ecstasy. For bliss
is on the rise again; here in the heavy
days of misty heat, and nights that seem
so incomplete without the touch
of your accompaniment.

This indigo that seems so black, a velvet
touch must reach out for another sense
of satin mystery; as memories of southern
states and altered times begin to drift
into reality again. Left in those days
when love was all we cared to know
as real.

Then too, the cool of each September
teasingly completes this great desire;
as fires stir into another rising of the
gentle fall of snow upon the grass,
in passion that completes the heat
of this, one heartfelt flow of meaning;
for this love and nothing else must
come to be the source and
meaning in our lives.

All else is merely flotsam, that requires
yet another burst of flame to bring it to
its transformation, as once again
this power of completion opens out;
for love's energy alone can bring this
vast renewal back into reality again.
It matters not, the thoughts that lie
behind the base of your intention;
when the spirit of this love, within your eyes,
dies again amid the greed of such
demandingly obscene proclivities.

While another gender that you've learned
to see as opposite and alien, alters
yet again your soul's perception
and shows your love to no more
than an object to be used to ease
emotions that are truly yours; reborn
amid the midst of the most intimate
disease societies have brought to be.

Yet starry-eyed wonder and innocent eyes,
are immersed through your lies 'mid a burst
of surprise; relearning the meaning of life
here within, this warmth of
loving energy divine...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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