Everlasting Love

Oh, everlasting love, behold
this stage of age and loneliness
untold - now as you finally bother
to behold the truth of life's integrity.

Insanity, I swear, this modern
world can breed no more than
only travesty in us. Tell me then,
what difference do you think to make
within the safety of the borders thrust
between yourself and the reality
of life...?

The music of the river echoes out.
Now, the time to speak the truth,
at last. Here upon the endless tides
of water seeking for its home within
the never-ending weaves of sun and
moon and stars - glistening with this -
this long withheld great comprehension
of all life.

Each action that they took affected
everything that ever lived and breathed.
They never could explain the travesty
that they had called into the greater body
of this living light.

And so they screamed - again within
the silence that they'd come to know
too well - and stifled yet again the greater
longing of their soul. Yet still, somehow,
the travesty that they had wrought lived on.
It mattered not, the great efficiency of arms
and armament they held.

No, here, the magic of their spell
would glisten in the light of all that is.
Scribed within the record of Akashic
mysteries. Undeniably complete,
this tale would be read aloud to them.
No matter any title they might feel
to be their own.

For this mystery of life must come
full round, and mystify us all. The tale
that claims it was some Father God,
as yet left unidentified, who came to bring
us birth. Oh no, the Mother of us all is Earth!
What would we be without the feel,
of this - Her femininity...?

Rivers rushing into seas that bleed
themselves into the great prosperity
of oceanic waves. Currents running
deep - beyond belief. And this
is what we come to feel right now.
The ever moving tides of life,
enhanced in all the innocence
of re-awakening.

Our ancestors are calling out.
Pleading with us to be more
than they could e'er imagine
just themselves to be. Love
and peace - what need would
e'er be left unsatisfied
within a bliss (this kiss)
of loving hearts...?

Oh no, my dear, you are not clear.
For all you hold as love contains
the many pains of past departures.
While love demands much more
than that from every one of us.
To pass, oh yes, into the bliss that
only everlasting love of life can bring.

Here, within the walls of all
that used to seem reality,
we dream of everlasting love

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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