Ever Reaching Out

Love - that ever opening out
into infinity - that always brings
the very best to bear upon the
images of what might seem to be
reality. A statue, silently responds
within a quake of shaking reverie.

As he and she reach out to touch
each other once again. White on white,
they dare this flight into the realms
of dreams and make-believe. And here,
just here, they come upon the seed of
truth that all of life is based upon.

One touch, and worlds dwelling in between,
become the truth of living destiny. One kiss -
oh lips become the source of all divinity!
For making love is real; and all we feel
within its wake must prove itself to be
the crux of all reality. As cell to cell, we
blend, we mix, the alteration of two worlds
within a fixed and newly sanctioned point
of world view - undeniably become a truth
that we are meant to live into forever.

So many come to shake and try to break
this amplitude of tenderness embalmed
within the ancient and the newly born; yet
still, we reach beyond and catch another
star just waiting to reflect this love divine;
as power echoes out into infinity - diffusing
itself in a splendor never, ever
known to be before.

And thus all beauty comes to be reborn;
within each loving touch of flesh
that lives beyond divine, and enters always
into realms of this reality of space and time -
no matter any distance thought
and held to be a truth within itself.

For love lives on, always beyond the known
of mind that mankind comes to find;
and here, just here, we leave the past behind -
altering the strength of should have been into
a new world ever reaching out to be
the shape and form and time of
all eternity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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