Ever Really Been

A hush has fallen o'er the world.
There's not much left to say.
They drift to sleep, not wishing
to awake into another endless day.
And time runs on as if their love
had never really happened. Except
in this; a common bond that ran too
deep to ever be ignored. Because
of this unending thread that joined
the two of them to all that is; an
empathy was born (that few could
manage to imagine).

Yet here, within this starlit hush,
their hearts still beat into each other;
and no matter how they told
themselves that everything would
be all right again, belief and
hope had undergone too much
abuse to be of use to them. While
here, in that eternal kind of cyclic,
everlasting longing, they tried so
hard to will themselves to be as
one again.

Oh memories, that never seemed
to end! They used to feel so safe -
enclosed within each other's
arms. But then a span of land,
at least a thousand miles long,
came to stand between the need
that they both felt so deeply there
inside themselves, e'en now.
All because of one misplaced decision,
taken on the fly by one of them.

It seemed as if the sky itself,
within its visions of eternity, chose
to be too heavily endowed within
the core of them - as if a wall,
opaque yet built in strength;
invisible yet undeniable - had
risen in those ever-living moments
of the absence of their touch.
and thus, reality was altered -
totally, within the two of them.

And it was then, that endless seas
of doubt and blind belief became
for them, no more than just denial -
of the immortality of love itself -
decision coming from an outer,
other source that never could
be trusted. Back and forth, for
long and long, the pendulum
would swing, achieving only
misery for each of them, in turn.

Right or wrong, the good/the bad -
what had these things to do with
love at all...? Insatiable - the need
that their own hearts and souls and
power of all meaning came to bear
within the pain they came to feel,
created of another great division
(often named as no more than
insanity by all that was most
popular these days).

Yet she felt herself still falling down,
into an endless chasm, no matter all
the energy she used now, just to keep
that man at bay. And here, she found
the dark and damp - no light would come
to ease her weary eyes. It mattered not
to her - his endless alibis of lies - for she
had felt the truth of love that they once
came to share. But she could not
reach him anymore, within the icy
cold of the imprisonment he chose
to think as real. And so she merely
floated there, within his many states
of indecision - bouncing off the many
walls that he laid in between the
two of them, without even the help
of all the chilling numbness that he felt,
to come and thus relieve the pain
she felt.

She could not help but wonder then,
what scheme eternity might come
to blend into it all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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