Everything Has Changed

They pretend as if nothing has changed.
Look into their eyes, and notice their reactions.
Everything has changed but the legalities
of ownership. Political authority, once called
democracy, publicly and angrily, praying to
an image of a male god that never had
a need of righteous rage.

Deity has always been aware of its creation.
More than just observe, it stirs the embers
into life - wherever static grows too thick
to move. While we, mere human beings,
still struggle with the paradox they pose
to little minds. But oh, so many play
those parts of power all too well.

Wealth used to have a deeper meaning -
so too, prosperity. The wind, the earth,
the sea, the sun - these are the basic
properties of life. There was never any
one that owned it all. And yet they dreamt
of just such power, into evermore.
Unappeased, the lust will reach into
abysmal labyrinths, where seeds of
every possibility still dwell in waiting.

What will we choose to grow into this time...?
Remember as you dream, that everything
you thought you knew, has changed into
its opposite again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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