Extremity of Right

Divided attention - as if something eminent
and real - a spirit that unfolds into the new;
invades our lives - become confined within
the definition of mere roles; toppling towers
of one-pointed histories of intellect and
numbered quantities, that more and more,
lack quality - turning them into a mystery
divine, just as the whole arises yet again
into our living consciousness.

Instinctual and yet surreal; our spirit
speaks - we feel a thrill, unearthly -
reuniting all the many subdivisions.
At first, chaotic swells begin to
rise and fall within our being, not quite
ready to effect the greater world of all
we used to hold as truth (unverified by
us, but haven't those few experts proved
its worth?).

How can this be happening to me? I feel as
if I were no more than just another grain
of sand upon a shore so vast, that surely
I can never make a difference!
Brilliant light, or utter dark; those
spacious skies within a void of utter
nothingness. The world still spins,
but somehow out of whack, as we are
blown beyond the patterns of belief
we used to hold. The bold that hold
authority will surely try to sanction every
different move they make, no matter that
we stake our very lives upon the love
we've come to feel (so real, it mitigates
the worst that "they" might ever do).

We stretch, we reach, we hang upon
a starlit fantasy of utter being. Even
as our outer life is firmly put on hold.
Another road, another path, the vagabond
still lives in us and must move on again.
We gather what we can and leave the rest
to stand the tests of time that blind the
masses in the virtual appeal of a religious
attitude - where good and right must ever
stand in opposition to some other - only
known as bad and wrong.

A chance arose, and just this once, we
chose to take it in its full. The power of
rebellious demons streamed into the flowing
veins of this, our life. Yet how can one tame
any demon, without bothering that outer life?
(It claims to bring security, no matter all the
suicides and deaths supposed to be of
natural cause - according to their rules and
systems of behavior). And no matter how our
spirits used to urge us to move past the
massiveness of fear and safety's habits,
it is only now that we began to see
it cosmically.

Beholding - they all claimed that we, the mass of all
humanity, somehow owed those aliens some
kind of dues. Yet facing squarely, the great
travesty that uppermost society has so misused,
the questions cannot help but to arise and to be
heard and felt and seen. Authorities for too long
have controlled the strings, never caring for the
knots they simply cast aside as unessential. It
used to seem so simple when some group of
other beings chose us and thus deemed that
we belong.

But now the right and wrong hang in a balance,
so sublime - that none of us can take tomorrow's
grace, without feeling all the tragedy of those
deemed victims, and no more than this. What
victim could there ever be, without some victory
arising out of games played at the stake of lives,
untold and unredeemed within the power of these
social, socializing systems that we live? America,
the beautiful, caught within the in between of schemes
of those who vandalize the themes that ethics build
themselves upon.

Will we bow down again to some unnamed,
unknowing Father God that claims another world
war the only answer to extremes - and pray to
that for yet another victory? What will it be this
time around? (Perhaps another round of that
atomic, deathly atmosphere?) If not, then maybe
the creation of subliminal, yet lethal micro-synthesis.
But let us never yet admit the worst of all the
side affects as America's creation - for that would
never do at all (or would it?).

Divided, we stand hand in hand, granting yet
more power to the forces that have blown our
lives apart. This time, unlike Viet Nam, a move
to Canada won't keep us safe and warm, nor
prove to move us far beyond the conflagration.
Not so long as any one of us remains divided,
deep inside themselves; claiming love and honor,
but only for the sake of their most intimate and
costly family lives. While turning into something
else entirely, when the time they claim to be for
work and for financial gain, comes to mean
a something else that is felt in its entirely
as no more than out-of whack.

'Tis then the demons re-arise to reap their
just reward. And yet another war begins,
within the depth of all we leave unconscious.
and then come to blame upon some alien.
Divided, and yet standing hand in hand, how
can we not demand a new accounting of
ourselves, or hold ourselves excluded from
the cause of yet another world war...?

For neither side can ever claim to be
just right without the might of that -
its other great extreme. Instinctual and
yet surreal; a spirit speaks (could it be
ours, this time? Is that why this one
voice begins a wave of great, emotional
vibrations within our hearts and souls?)-
We feel a thrill, unearthly, and so personal,
that we reel in its aptitude of wisdom -
come at last into this world we used to
hold as only personal.

Moment by moment, vibrations
expand, in the living mass of each
and every life. Beseeching us
to speak what's really on our minds,
and here, within our hearts. For now
is the time, and this is the place
and the space and the meaning,
expounding, pounding every reason
we were born into - the cells of this,
our utter being.

We fight, we strain, we seek to go along
with all the many others we once thought
to be our peers, and yet some vast division
has brought a greater sense of healing into us.
Divinely bright, and yet subdued,
exuding clues to all that we
have come into humanity to be.
The earth is trembling (oh surely, you
must feel it now!), for ever has earth been
at the gist of every soul its brought to birth
in form. She screams within our dreams
at night; moon rising and then falling,
yet beyond deliberation now.

For a new millennium has dawned;
and this my friend, becomes the test
of biased masculine and feminine abilities -
to ease the great disease of each sequestered,
lonely sect that claims to be the essence
of mortality. The earth, the sun, the stars,
the planets; focusing on us. What will
we choose this time around? Destruction
of another chance of life in civilization?
Or might we choose, for once and only,
a path  that seekers of a spiritual humanity
have ever sought...? Ever needing
a reunion and transcendence of the
many subdivisions life's become...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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