Family Secrets

The bane, the shame - insanity;
sprung from stories never told aloud.
Psychic pressure, building into yet
another fall. Tongues are tied as
cages rattle - demons screaming
to be freed at last.

The jeopardy becomes a constant
dream that lies in wait, festering
beneath the many moves they
choose to make. Incubating,
gaining power, waiting for the
chance to strike again.

It wasn't all right. It was never all right -
the many lies they learned to tell so well.
Unmeasured - all the energy they spent
to keep it in. Sleepless nights, heads
spinning to avoid the truth of dreams.
Exhausted and yet unfulfilled, the
habits came to take the place of all
the life they never really dared to live.

They were the perpetrators now, grown
and wed, impacted in the same scenario.
Each time their children acted out, they
felt the rising tide, and floundered on the
other side, unable to adjust. The word
responsibility would rear its ugly head
again. Leviathan! They ran away again.

The power in numbers was dwindling fast.
Death claiming too much in its grasp. The
saving grace of family gatherings had
ceased to quell the deeper feelings that
were on the rise again. Passion grew and
faded back, without an outlet that might
lead to love's transcendence. Pressure only
knew itself increased. The bane, the shame -
insanity; it took its toll again.

They kept their many secrets till their world
seemed to fall apart. What choice was left?
They labored, gathering the pieces back
together. That's when they told themselves
it really didn't matter anymore (and yet it
always, ever would). For devilish, the
family secrets started gaining strength
to rise again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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