Floating in Between

Leaves are falling up into the sky.
The clouds are drifting deep within
the weighty depth of water's spin.
And we are floating in between it all.

Here, there is no rise or fall -
for being is the meaning of it all.
Center-point, periphery,
the particles of galaxies.

We live and breathe within the sky
and never stop to question why
the glow of light is likened unto us.
Open up your eyes and see
the cosmic fantasy.

Free your soul, and know the feel
of deity becoming real. Horns will
sound and bells will peel the tone
of dreams come true.

Add the rhythm, weave the spell.
Whispering, the chant in swells
that linger even as they must move on.
The tapestry is woven of the magic
and the mystery that only we have
come to understand.

Royal blue, a golden rose.
The colors are so apropos.
Ancient winds are swirling through
the red and white and blue.
No lines, no bars, no field of stars
will ever be the same.

We've come to give another name
to liberty and heritage. Age recedes
and hearts will bleed this love. Free
and unconditional; so far beyond
traditional. We dare to be, and so
we are - a light that can outshine
even the stars.

As floating in between it all,
we love...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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