For Real

I want so much to just believe
that all I see within your eyes is true;
and yet I have too often been deceived
by looks that cover over all that lies
so deep inside your heart, implanted
in our mortal minds so early on within
this living proof of love's eternity.

Your life is pledged unto another
even now; and so I know I must not
trespass in between a love that grew
so long ago into imagined realms of
your completion. Yet still, this ever
curious mind of mine must wonder,
wandering, if even this is true.

For I have felt your need arise both high
and wide when you are with me side by
side. And still, I see within your eyes
a longing for this love I've come to know
and be, in truth. Yet what can either
one of us now do to change the tides
of times now past - that bid us still
to just behave as every other heart -
no matter that our hearts cry out
right now to touch again for real.

Society and social norms can bring
complexity to bear upon these hearts
of open air and starry skies. And yet
I know this earth we are, insists that we
continue in hearts' bliss. For just one
kiss of flesh on flesh, between two
wholes that open out into this love
divine, brings always into life
another sense of endless bliss
that must live on.

And this is real; beyond beliefs or norms
that our societies' reveal to be accepted
norms of sanity still felt and yet unspoken.
Yet this, this true expression of our love
within this flesh of form, still supersedes
all reasoning of intellectual misunderstanding;
where lies still try to be reality.

And so I speak again and yet again, in every
word and phrase that might amend the subtle
programming of mind you grew into - of this
one love that lies beyond the bend of all the
vast beliefs imbedded by no more than those
who seek control o'er all our minds. For they
have never learned or earned
this greater power of appeal.

And all that's real lies waiting here
for each of us to find again;
just here, beyond another bend
where dreams become the real
we know must be...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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