Glowing Shadows

Shadows rise and fall within these bodies
that we've come to know as being; while a
feel beyond sensation comes to carry us away.
Numinous, it plants its seeds uniquely
in each strain of what we might define as
consciousness. Yet what is this...? This
consciousness we come to hear so much
about; if not our spirit rising up in us to be

Embodied, we must find our source of
innocence again; no matter where we've
been or what we've done. Sullenly, we
come to face the gray of shadows speaking.
And yet it is a lightening, at last - of every
mood we once depressed so deep inside
our flesh. Our faces are changing, no
matter how we seek to stay the same. Soon
all that will remain will come to bear our
likeness on the timelessness of wind.

Temperatures alter, the world keeps
spinning round and round and round -
yet not quite so. For even she refuses
to adhere to any rule of manmade
symmetry or thought of a perfection never
known as real at all.  And yet the
synchronicity remains an e'er astounding feat
of her creation. Just when we think the world
we knew, surely must be coming to an end.
Just then, a cooling rush of autumn wind
invades our atmosphere.

Then all the summer happenstance of what was
felt to be a heat of great desire, becomes no more
than just another color of the glorious leaves that
fall from trees - unaltered by our moods or moodiness.
Yet we cannot call this less alive at all, for fall
becomes its very own resplendent state of being
in each year of cycles still transcending all that used
to be,and then expanding into true eternity. Amazing,
even numinous - the great expanses yet left to
explore.  Enlightening, the worth of every truth
we bring to birth in time and space and
spirit seeking.

And there! The silence of a rainbow speaks itself
into an altered state, ever changing our perspective
in one moment of transcendence. Surreal, this silence
speaks its way into the way we used to be. And this
is good. For it speaks in tongues, to everyone, as if
a sacredness of spirit at last came to guide us once
again. It speaks of all we need to mend, if ever
we will come to carry on. And yet this work of art
is never found to be another tiring - for worth and
energy are vitalized by its appearance here in us.

And the shadows we once ardently avoided, can
be seen as just the fuel of the light that we must
come to bring to life. It may strike, at times, like
lightening - but only when too many close themselves
to its awakening. As if the flower of their hearts
had come to fade away and cease to beat itself into
our being. Then grief becomes the interplay
between the dark and light of all that is. And
this is necessary. For each of us must come
to realize the constant flow of every opposite
of being and of life itself in form.

It matters not, the angle that we first approach
it from; for angels wait for any chance to enter
in and love us just the same. The roads to heart
and home are multitudinous and ever growing
in a network far more complex than the growth
of that great internet could ever come to bear.
For energy is more than merely electricity, no
matter the convenience that it brings into our
lives. Emotions flow, no matter any lines or even
radio waves of cell phones that fly blindly
through the air.

And oh, the tender glow of healing energy that
lives itself in symmetry with all that is.
Unexplained and ever altering, it brings us
to the next step we must take.
Irrational and overbearing - at times
screaming its way angrily into our lives - that
seem to shatter as it comes and seems to leave.
And yet, it must be so; for a deeper need proclaims
its majesty within ourselves yet once again.
I know you feel it too, else how would we have
e'er become suchmates of heart and soul...?
And so we carry on into another passing
moment, still wishing love into reality...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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