Halloween is almost here.
The veil between the worlds
has been rent; and spirits on the wind
have spent their breath on speaking out.
There has been no howling, however;
nor urge to a lust unspent - not here;
rather quiet echoes of the dream-
world enter, pleasantly unkempt.

Wispy words of loving ways come
back again as if to say "My love, I
wish to dance with you again. Just
at the stroke of midnight, when the
moon is riding high - 'tis then that we
shall touch again in your reality.
Look for me, and you shall find
the blossoming of newborn revelation,
where ecstasy flows freely just for thee."

"There are those of us who love
beyond the norm. Not all of us
have just one chosen shape or
form to be. Yet always, always,
have we loved thee true, from the
past into infinities of future. We
carry not one name, nor a number
of ID; yet we are here for you; even
now within the dark of night, when
all your feelings (true) come round to
haunt you, keeping you awake."

The many voices become one,
as if a vision being spun out of the
wind-blown luminescence. Or
perhaps as if a burst of angel's wings
were heard to draw themselves to us.
Within a hush, it feels as if a tender
brush of lips had at last come to us
and kissed our sweaty brow. The many
wounds that seemed as if they never
could be soothed begin to heal themselves,

'Tis then the symphony of sound
begins to play itself for real. And there,
upon a stage that only moon and stars
will ever dare to light, a brightness more
enduring than eternity begins to sing.
One soul unto another, cast within a
glow that intimately happens only here
and now, but never there or then. Ah, yet
when it does, it feels as if the coolness
of the soothing autumn breeze has come
at last to bring this harvest to us all.
And so another round, another cycle
amid endless circling.

My love, my love - where are you now...?
"I'm here, beloved, don't despair of me.
Instead I ask you just to sleep this night
within our dreams, and wake with all the splendor
of the dawn - within this healing that
my loving heart will ever hold for thee.
Feel me true, in so much more
than merely memory - for here is where
I ever choose to be..."

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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