Healing Expression

Sunlight greets me through a forest green -
of pine trees e'er bowing down in adoration;
(adhering to their infinite belief in
mother earth herself). Sparrows sing,
refreshingly, forever on these winds
that drift so gently through the flowing
curtains of a room now uncontained by
any sense of walls at all.

Eyes closed and yet I see so clearly
all around me; hints of love in lightest
tints of pink abound within this atmosphere
sublime; and here, the sun must shine
eternally in co-creation, as all that seems
to be just yours or mine becomes eternally
enhanced within a unity of sublimation.

Liminal, unearthly, these connections
so sublimely peal across invisible, pure
waves of air; as slowly, surely, mysteries
reveal themselves to be a living symphony
that must extend itself through us into forever,
nestled in a trance that meditates this world
into a newborn state of harmony.

A sigh, a cry, some teardrops fall, become
a feel of moisture that must nourish dewdrops
into yet another joyous dawn - for still, we love.
You and I, now flying free, as if we'd grown
into those angels' wings of gossamer; fluttering
around each child-like heart of trust. As fire
and ice together meld this love into another
living symphony of loving evolutionary themes.

Can you hear the choir of angels singing....?
awesomely inspiring another step, another
leap of quantum-like exposure 'mid the photons
of all living light divine. And so we carry on,
in bits and pieces, seeking still another thread
to once again enhance the weave of greater
tapestries than e'er we saw before; that we
might feel complete again within this dream
of mystic healing, reaching out to touch
each life in its totality.

For this world of which we each are born,
is healing us all, just one by one, and like
a ripple on the mirror of a silent, salient pond -
these ripples grow beyond the boundaries
of any shore - for earthenly, this blessed soil
absorbs the gist of everything that each of us
must surely come to be.

Oh golden horn of whitest unicorn! For thee
I sing right now. For each and every fantasy
I've ever born of thee has proved to be a truth
beyond the facts of proven liability. I know
thee now as my own soul, creating yet another
version of rebirth that must expand into all
time and space - in this, a loving atmosphere,
speaking in life's vibrant tones, exceeding every
high and low that mortal voice might bring.

For we are one and yet the many, merely falling
into realms of purely magical ascent, deny the gist
of this reality; as our own intuition's vast descent
reaches once again so deep, into these cells of
living flesh, composing all we are. And we all
know that sometimes, trouble seems to be beyond
the scope of our mortality or sense of mind that
stands alone in intellectual appraisal. Yet still,
we always seem to find and feel a precious
moment now and then - when dewdrops turn to
misty hues of sun that streaks and strokes
the skies of every morning that arrives; unspoken,
yet so incandescently alive.

A new millennium has dawned and will expand
itself through everything, no matter habits or those
zombie-like exposures of the past. While the youth
of our society calls out to those of us who seek
the mending and reblending of it all within this
healing of love - and to this, we must respond,
beyond all doubt - no matter that our answers
seem to be a hazy mist at times - the gist of our
communication ever alters all that's meaningful
to each of us; and the rhythm and the rhyme
of love's emotive amplitudes still carries all of us
to brighter days and nights of an amazing, magical
delight - as life expounds itself again through every
living, breathing thing within invisible
depths of messaging.

For we are each a pioneer of vast frontiers,
that only now begin to enter into dreams of
pure imagination, if we but dare to stand
within a stance of marveling insanity.
Take it in, and breathe it out. Chant and sing
and scream and shout. For we are real and we
are newness ever being born again, seeking only
this - our true expression over bands of airy waves.
Will we sing in horror or in praise, of every living
entity that loves this earth above and yet beyond
all reprimand? Now we must rise above the past of
condemnation, that leads to prejudicial points of
base belief and battling attitudes.

The old and young must come again into a sense
of deep communication, that tells all tales of history
within a scenic sound of new belief; as generations
come to find regeneration in this kinship that now spans
the world wide. The hidden, the mysterious, now
speaks to each of us within this one eternal language
of emotion - spanning each and every form
of language that once separated all of us within
and of, an intellectual persuasion minus heart.

Doctors of indoctrination, hear these words we speak.
For we have come around a bend that leads us back
into a realm of seeking a completion of infinity in
variation. And special is a precious, never-ending
realm that lives within imagination - ever daring us
to rise above and step beyond beliefs in just the past -
supposed facts, so separated by the intellect's division.
Yet still, we all must think ourselves to be a special
synchronicity that heals in wholeness - everything
we are - for all divinity upholds these ever-changing
particles of pure expression. Oh God and Goddess,
stealing yet again into this realm, for so long thought an
individuality of an exegesis of mere existentialism.

As more and more, these living particles of light and dark
expose themselves to all we are, becoming all that we
are meant to be. And so the healing of dolphins rises
once again into the skies (be they seen as indigo of night
or the lightest light of dawn's expression); and so we find,
each time we seek, another healing of body-mind, as
spirits rise in ever changing moods of vast vibrations -
ever altering the gist of blind beliefs within old states
of trance that surely amortizes all we used to be.  And we
begin to turn into a treat of sweetest sublimation; speaking
now of quality and worth and meaning, expressing this one
state of joy beyond and yet without a compromise.

Oh, Orpheus, your lyre still plays the purest tunes
and tones of great divinity's vibrations, once again
into these lives we live. A candle flickers in what
seems to be the deepest dark of night; revealing
yet again this indigo of every lightest light's exposure.
Risen once again from deep within an abyss of an
egocentric gross desire for a power never felt
within these loving realms of hearts - expressive
and aggressively, we need to be the meaning of it all.

Pure poetry must arise again, within this form,
(yet freely shared) within a tone and tome of words
that never seem to have an end or a beginning.
For these words must flow into those realms
of mesmerizing blind belief, that prophesied the
need and want and will of every bright tomorrow
into another round of agony. For we are born
within and of this earth itself; while beyond our
oh so mortal vision, this one truth must rise above
it all (even here within what we believe to be a
cultured, sure activity of civilization).

Breathe, oh breathe one breath of earth's pure
undertaking of this healing - bring faith and hope
and charity back to us all! For high and low
can come to be no more than all that lies between -
the ecstasy and agony that too many still believe
to be a formulation of mere intellect's equations;
insisting that the lost and lonely creed of DNA
remain a paradigm beyond dispute. Yet now,
right now, we all must surely come to see
the sickness born within the apathy that lives
within those realms of sad security in blind belief.
For our vocation (truly found in the expression of this
new millennium), is this and only this - this one
creation - this delightful integration of a unity of
all and every thing in loving ways and means
that stream again from heaven's realms into
our hearts and souls.

Oh, healing waters, flow through us in endless
syncopation! As base and height now surely
come to meet and greet the power of this
in between - speaking in equality of languages
now come to us as one within emotive tendencies;
as spirits rise as one - above and yet within
the creeds of all religiously inspired indoctrination.
Yet here, just here, we need to take another breath
of life and love into these forms of flesh; that we
might seek and find the underlying source of
every life that's e'er been lived. For history, so long
and stringing out in linear form, tells less than
half the truth of life and love's experience in flesh.
And tomes that once spoke truth ring now with
misinterpretations in need of great repent.

Apollo, sun of our divinity, release us now from
every fear of thee! And bring to us your dreams
of love, inspired by the everlasting images of
Aphrodite - yet now (oh great divinity, still living
in our hearts), enlighten every living thing within
this purity of love that we all surely feel to be
the meaning, worth and quality of life itself.
And Goddes, earth of flesh and blood, arise
within us all, to feel this touch of light yet once
again awakening a renaissance of hearts
to sing of thee. For we reach now into cycles
of fulfillment ever needed to extend your sense
of living evolution.

Forgive us, once again (as you have always
done before), for every blind mistake we made
along those winding paths that reached around
each angled bend, and too, our hope in spirits
of a past arising once again. For we have come
to realize (within an altering of slowness that all
mortal paradigms of time and space and separation,
have for too long taught in powers of conspiracy
that have lived too long in reverie and forced
concealment), and we are tired of beliefs in a
mortality that surely must live on within love's
immortality of blessedness in life and form and flesh.

Speak now, oh spirits of all mortal time and space
and ancestry divine! Wind your living energy
(as if two snakes were coming to finally
intertwine in all reality), up and down through
spines that intertwine; only now beginning to
discover this one ultimate of unity within simplicity -
of life forever living itself true. Enhance,
yet once again, this living symbol of all healing
(oh, Paracelsus, grace this space of mortal
immortality again!).

Oh healing, still alive within each cell of flesh
divine, show us each your path to blissful ecstasy!
Alive and living still within each particle of life
that dares to feel this loving passion that still
bleeds itself through each and every living
heart of purest mystery - conceived within
this mortal flesh in every sense and sweet
sensation calling us to fly again in love's

Requiem yet unrequited, rise yet another scale
and sink into these realms beyond - found
with the chants that used to bring such rising
misery into mere mortal lives.

For sunlight greets us through a forest green
of pine trees ever bowing down in adoration;
(adhering to their everlating attitudes of strong
belief in mother earth herself). And sparrows
sing refreshingly, forever on these winds that
drift so gently through the flowing curtains
of a room now uncontained by any sense
of walls at all - and here, just here, we find
that sense of awe and childlike amazement.
Here within delightful integration of this
awesome unity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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