His Fall

Absurdly receptive, he felt everything;
try his best, he could not seem to hold it
all inside himself, the way it seemed
his father always had. And fear was at
the base of everything they said or did,
no matter the grand poses they assumed.

He'd seen it first within the feminine,
yet now on every level he had come
to face the truth - he felt it all as
poignantly as they. And no matter
all the rough and ready poses that
they took, he knew, beyond a doubt,
that all those other men were just
like him inside.

'Twas then that he began to grasp
the deeper truths that she'd presented
him. Slowly then, he realized how
great the love she shared with him
had been. Too late, too late, those
memories began again, but every
one of them came to an end. The
ending that he had imposed upon
it all.

Then began his fall, this time in
earnest, and this time no one came
to save him from himself at all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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