Holding Hands Again

Most live within a trance of others' making,
believing that they know of who they are
and all they're meant to be. Yet now and
then, quite suddenly, the harmony of just
one voice can bring vast change to
everything they used to know as real.

Cultural and social, electronic and so vocal;
we're mesmerized by sounds and images
of great commercial ventures that keep
increasing the base power of a trance - is this
to be the power of our heritage...?
When once upon a time, e'en now, an ever-growing
question comes to feel its way into our realm of being.
It speaks of love and heart and soul,
and when it comes, we simply cannot hold
unto the habits of that old and lonely trance,
not any more.

For its need is real and still survives, through all the
might of scientific ventures. Individual, it eases us into
the sweetest dreams; but then upon awakening, the
reality we knew our world to be just slaps us in the
face yet once again. Where can we find a meaning
in this culture that has come to stake an insubstantial,
querulous, and much misused abstraction of ideals
in a realm of paper they call money. How can
they love that more than life itself?

Does it help that we can realize the emptiness or fullness
of our bank accounts as less than prospering - now
that they've made it easy and online....? Just press
another button, and watch the great illusion of their
madness play upon your screen again. Is it sane to
bring ourselves to states of pure disease in utter tension,
in order just to have some boss who thinks themselves
superior, finally speak a word or two of kindness or of
motivation? Is it right that we must push our closest
family aside, in order to achieve the great and yet
ubiquitous goals they deem our productivity? Shall
we sit in some tower of glass until that final
crash comes to be ours?

And so this ever-growing question growls its way
again into our lives, until we finally stop and listen
to the great emotion answering its pleas. Perhaps
in illness, lying in a state that seems our death, or
then again, when some accident that comes too near
to just erasing life itself for us - close, too close to this,
the life we learned to live. Shall we hug our children
lovingly, but only then, just when the world we knew
is reaching for its end...? What then of that great love
that we once knew to overpower everything...?

Each of us has felt it at some point within our lives;
that one and only love that sends us gratefully right
over every brink of used to be. How was it that
we let it come to be no more than just a memory?
Anciently, the past arises then - wider, deeper,
higher than possession of a thing can ever be.
Just then a reaching out of heart to heart can
be achieved, if only we allow it just to be alive
and flowing within us. Or will we simply choose
again to seek that greater mass they call society,
and let some power called political move us back into
the path of trance enduring no return to love at all...?

Question! Yes, allow your soul the questions - then
give yourself the quiet time you need - until you come
to find, and live, and thus create - this opening of answers
only loving hearts can bring. As one by one by one
by one, we come to stand together in a harmony
of holding hearts and hands again, for real...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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