Holidays bring memories of
loneliness, not just prosperity;
hidden there beneath the thankfulness,
a secret source of grief breaks in -
subtly, it alters everything. Loneliness
has spread its mighty wings, soaring
in another great descent.

He checks for messages again;
hoping, even though he knows
that she is far withdrawn. A sigh,
and then he puts his party face
back on; pretending that the hope
had never risen there in him again,
at all.

Yet still, that smile doesn't seem
to reach into his eyes the way
it did back when the two of them
had stood so close in love. The
food he loved just doesn't taste
the same, without her there.

Secretly, he pulls her picture up
on his computer screen, dreamily
remembering the days of used
to be. Shattering, each memory
leads back to his departure. He
always turns it off again just then.

This would never do. He was a man.
And men just didn't feel this way,
or if at all, not for this long. Surely,
he could get beyond this feeling
of the emptiness that filled his breast
each time he thought of her.
Yet holidays brought memories of
loneliness, not just prosperity; and
this he had to learn to bear alone...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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