Imminent Image

When death becomes an imminently satisfying image.
All strain released, all want disbarred, and each
desire flawed; where shall I go to die alone in thee?
Is that the only place you have reserved for me,
e'en now? You say it's in your heart, and yet I hear
your heart still beating, full of life but far away and
somehow strained.

Steady though, without a thought or any care of me.
Where now the days when you and I were free to
love it all within reality together? What strictures of
the mind were woven strong enough to stand
between we two? Will we ever find a way to
do it all again...?

Long walks upon the midnight sands; waves rushing
in to tease our every sense; scent of salty everlasting
oceans of creation becoming one with us. And then
we touched, so long ago and far away, it seems no
more than just a dream these days.

It would be easier if one of us were really dead
these days though - wouldn't it...? Is that why you
keep wishing it be so - even now, when so much
time and space has passed between us? I am
your soul - why would you wish it so for me...?
The storm clouds gather, dark and brooding,
taking yet another step into the violence...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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