In Meaning

All I ever wished for was just one man
to have and hold me dear - one man -
was that so much to ask for...?
I asked not for riches, fame or power
nor did I ask for extra hours.
My need was there, a simple task
how does one ever dare unmask
the god...?

I search the trees, now blossoming
with spring. Down beneath, I feel
the energy arising yet again. And yet,
this spring, a realization brings its
understanding into me. I watch the
grass turn green again, and know
eternity remains the same, within an
ever-living cycle. What can love mean
without continuance of being...?

He said he loved me true, but then he
hesitated, wondering how he might ever
leave his past behind. He never thought
to bind it all into a greater whole. His soul
cried out in misery at every step he chose
to take into a past that barely knew of love.
He called it making love, yet all he ever
sought was just another blind release of pain.
Why would he wonder that I chose
to back away from all his misery...?

And still, this wish is building in my heart.
That wish for just one man to have and
hold me dear. One man that knows
beyond a doubt that love must be
the essence of reality - in meaning...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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