"Twas then the demons entered in to tear
it all apart. As chaos stormed its way into
the staid and steady nature of that heaven
only living within death. Devilish, the
screaming cries of souls without an alibi,
for all the many times they chose to live
as something other than the love they
always came to feel as true.

Flames arose, to lick and melt the very cells
that they once sought to bring into a feeling
of all ecstasy, and thus into all being. For
their desire burned now, far beyond appeal
of any sense of satiation, as all the peace
that they once sought became the fuel of
these moments of insanity. For the real
problem lay in this, born of all the blind
beliefs in such - believing that some norm
could finally settle everything that is. Even
as this chaos streamed into all life
through them.

Voices teased and taunted. Hands reached
out, yet unattached to any salient form.
Satanically, the beat of drums became
the savage, untamed beast they thought
they'd left behind. And so they moved, their
motions thus recorded by a multitude that
never came to know them (not at all). Yet
this motion merely stalled the grand effect.

Then, just when it all seemed lost in an
upheaval that destroyed the very quality
of life they'd known, somehow an angel
entered in, extending light-waves of
a greater scheme of being, with just a touch
of possibility to ease them back unto the
path that ever leads them home again.

That home where love must reach e'en
deeper than the living beat of heart to heart.
Wider, higher - a sensation of a symphony
of stillness then began to sing, at first no more
than just a simple hum of one alone. Expanding,
then, in chords that played themselves into
a harmony of ever living love.

Totality - this light expands into a state composed
(and yet beyond) awareness; ushering the tides of
life into experience of ever more than any norm
could ever come to reach. As a sense of deity
became the only bane that could abate the fire
of living hell that once had seemed so real.

Rose-tinted, a pure hue and tone released the
power of blue into the vibrancy of echoing
ascension. Violet then settled in, to soften itself
in the might of light. And so the hope of soul
will ever rise upon the battle fields of mortal man's
creation. Soothing all the many wounds
into the greatest healing of all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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