Into the Ten

The fifth go-round had always been
his downfall. He seemed to make it
easily into the realms of one to four.
But here, just here, it seemed as if
another door stood heavily and silently
within his way; refusing to admit him
to the ever-realms of magic that he
sought so endlessly - and where she
played so endlessly in tunes of
loving tenderness.

Yet she had tired of his endless pleas
to come back down to him; for there,
with him, dwelt all the misery of
could have been. And she preferred
the ever-opening dreams of bright
tomorrows that played within the ever
realms of potential possibility. Thus
she chose an altered course; one
that he had yet to come across - for
ever had he chosen not to listen
to the wisdom of his heart.

While dreams of loving inspiration
dwelled and thus compelled her
to move on yet once again, beyond
all thought of leaving him behind -
for he had chosen to go back
to where he found himself to be
yet once again. And nothing
she could say or do would
e'er amend the mindset
that he'd locked himself into.

She fluttered quickly through the sixth,
and reached again for seventh heaven's
realms - that one and only welcoming
resounding in the real that future always
based its form and shape upon. The winds
were blowing in a coolness then - they
almost seemed contemptuous of him and
all he chose. Yet still, she rose yet higher,
here within this letting go.

And eight became the gate of her escape.
A realm he'd never dared to e'er imagine -
where all the seeds of future dreams still
slept in sleepy dreams. She'd been here,
many times before - this time she chose
to travel on into the nine. And oh, the essence
of all wine flowed freely here - sought
and caught in golden veins that lived
their own deliverance in time and space
and living grace of love that is divine.

Yet even here, she spied a silvery view.
Could that be he - Mercurius, the mighty
winged flight of light that lived
within the in between...?
He beckoned her to follow and then just
simply disappeared; leaving no more than
a mist of starlight in his wake. And this she
chose to follow now, unknown, into the ten.

'Twas as if a field of newborn wildflowers
came to greet her then. While all that lay
within the past became no more than just
a mist of ever letting go and flying free -
this time within a glide that echoes, still -
infinity. And there she will remain to be
an ever flowing rainbow of relief - uncontained
and unbeheld, yet ever living in an image
of this love's eternity - for one plus naught
must always come to equal one again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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