Into Unity

As we move beyond the pain and
sorrow, unknown realms begin to
open out into forever. For an
immensity of being now responds
to every call and cry of heartfelt

The utter feel of meaning still
resides at this, the base of our
reality in flesh and form. And
ever, does this will (beyond
survival) yet go on.

At times, it comes to seem that
we have lost the innocence that
we once lived amid the starlit
glance of streaming prophecy.
Just then, the magic we once knew,
can come to feel no more than just
a great imagining that has abandoned
us into its mighty  pain.

Yet still, an endless ember burns,
so deep inside our hearts. In time,
we come to realize the brilliance of
the spirit of the soul of all creation.
For still, we carry on and on and on.
And hell was never meant to be forever;
but merely just another seed that seeks
this endless feel and love of life.

And so it must be said yet once again:
all the love we ever knew lives on; no
matter any twist or turn the outside
world might bring to bear on us. 'Tis
somehow a healing of the greatest of
proportions, that is happening to each
of us right now - and ever will it lie
beyond the hallmarks of a human

For this light of spirit dwells within
the mists of utter mystery, e'en now.
And you and I were never meant
to understand it all - not here, within
this mortal realm of being. Yet reach,
just reach (once more) for that immensity
you've come to feel - and here we must
become its unity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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