It Fell Again

Dull-witted and cruel,
they strike out to kill - again.
Words as their weapons, and
twisted emotions the stroke.
Guided missiles, misplaced trust.
Distantly, they blow the world away.

Another day dawns,
and the ocean's serene.
Gulls fly high
and dolphins sing.
Never suspecting
the depth-charge set
at such abysmal depths.

Lack of care, misunderstanding;
demean, demand, and victimize.
Rise another step with every death.
And this is what they call the civilized.
Shoot to kill, but distantly.
Never dare reach out to see
the agony created in their eyes.
The alibis no longer seem that wise.

Blind beliefs are faltering.
The acolyte is dawdling.
God never really gave
a damn at all. And they,
the small, must suffer
for them all.

Jealously, they guard their rage.
Props and lights, another stage
is set. Beauty - and the beast
would never change. No matter
how they tried to rearrange
the truth inside.

Patterns set, the habits strong.
Forgetfully, they chant a song
that used to bring a loving
blaze of heart. Now passion
means no more than frenzy, and
power is their never-ending high.

Kill to conquer.  Fight to maim.
Revel in the suffering.
The differences are minimal
at best. Don't make a jest,
they might catch on, and sacrifice
your image to their lies.

And so they go where evil dwells;
knowing that inside themselves,
it breeds. Use the power, build
the shell. Illusion is the greatest
spell they'll ever really know.
Use it to abuse them - just
put on another show.

Please the eye, and break the heart.
Pretending youth, they flee from hope;
denying all the inner strife they feel.
Pop a pill or smoke a joint, the pain
will speed away - for a little while,
anyway. Revel in the need for more
and more. As progressively, the spirit
fades away.

Live to see another day, that feels
the same as yesterday. But yesterday
will never come again. No matter
that they call you friend, you'll
never find your way back home.
As chemically, the altering
becomes an evolution of disease.

Please the crowds, then
fade away. Hide beneath
the props, the stage. Wage
the bitter wars consistently.
Secretly, despise them all.
While you keep a smile
plastered on your face.
At any cost, avoid the way
they fall.

Can you hear it yet...?
The whispering is growing
in its strength. Faintly
crying out to be released.
The heart and soul
won't be appeased
by less than everything.

Louder, higher, softer, wider.
Infiltrating all the many seams.
Steam is rising to infinity.
They played their parts so well,
so long, they couldn't see it coming.
Raise it high, don't compromise.

And there before there eyes,
it fell again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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