A Message

Perhaps I'll pack a bag tonight, and sleep a sleep
divine; knowing that tomorrow at this time, I shall
be gone from here, and drawing closer to a brand
new destination. California - ah, I've always wished
this soul of mine had conceived my life just there.

I want to live in Monterey Bay - where nights remain
a sultry invitation. It matters not, what beach I lay
my head to rest upon each night (a little North in
summer's heat, then South again when winds
become too chill).

And if and when my time comes round to die -
I'll simply sigh and let this body go, knowing that
the ecstasy of life I felt was real,
and nothing more than that. I
will then become eternity in living
bliss - a haunting haunting memory
within an oceanic breeze.

Alive and free and wandering into a vast unknown;
altering each set of eyes my wondering mind must
seek. And if perchance, a paper in a bottle washes
up again upon the shore for you - be sure to read
its message - allowing mystery its due devotion...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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