It's the Love

The world is reborn -
It's the love in your eyes -
Tender and precious and wise.
The mountains reaching
into me through you.
They - who know the sky
so intimately.

Lover, you and I are free
to love into eternity.
We fly within this flesh
of our belief, exploring.

The light pours through the summit
and the caves become awash
with slowly growing golden light.
Not the bright of sun, yet oh,
the moonglow is so healing
right now.

Let's walk together for a while,
into the gentleness that lies
within the heart of all our passion.
Hand in hand, upon this land
we've come to love so well.

We'll stop to rest and feel
the warmth of ever meant to be.
Long wild grasses blowing in the wind.
There is no destination to be reached,
for we are here and held within a touch
of pure eternity.

A cup of wine, a touch and taste of thee
(and this - this scent that stirs our souls!)
as all the pain begins to ease itself into
a growing flame of magic healing.
Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood;
we flow as one in living harmony.

Leafless branches blowing in
unaltered clarity; they love no matter
what the winds blow in. Their leafy
green waits yet again, within a state
of unborn innocence, for the energy
to bud and bloom and grow into
the skies.

The world is reborn within
the feel of every newborn spring
It's the love in your eyes,
ever shining so bright,
that always makes it real;
so tender and precious and wise...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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