Just Begun

Waterfalls, the strings an utterance
of the omnipotence of all creation.
Here we dance, alive and ever free.
No longer rooted to earth, unless
we choose to be.

Deep the rhythm, high the melody.
Enchantingly the in between is
born into reality again. The love
was always there, before that
great awakening to endless sorrow.

No matter any age, the basic urge
remains the music of the dance.
Wordlessly, we move into a groove
that never ends. Timeless and beyond
the thought of space or dissonance.
Ah, yes, the harp demands that it
be heard!

Just now, within this afterglow of
ever flowing love. Closer, then we
draw away. Loving in this force of
fading light that comes to be the
source of all we hold within. Swirl,
my dear, for we are here, and here
is where we're ever meant to be.

Music, oh transcendence of all pain!
Harmony, yet more than this, for
every living cell must come to bliss.
Why? They always ask - and then,
another violin speaks out to them.
Flow, just let it keep on streaming!
The music of your heart has just

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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