Just Me

Just me. Experiencing life.
No gadgets, no ideals.
No tricks of trade or war.
The greed of power never dared to enter
into here - I saw to that.
No partners to mess up my mind and heart.
No grown up kids to tear my world apart.
No fancy intellectual tricks to just confuse the situation.
Just me, and love of thee, this life of love.

Watch the sparrows picking at the bread.
How sweet and small and kind they are.
Careful, too, of all the bigger birds.
They don't want to be hurt.
And they never wanted to fight.
They just want to eat and take to flight again.
An airborne view is quite spectacular.
To need no more than wind to hold them up.

So easy and so free. Just me. Experiencing life.
Grace. I walk upon this Earth, and She is one with me.
Simply free, the watered seed can grow into a flower.
It doesn't matter what the others think of me.
With her, I know I'm always free to be myself.
Especially now that I am really on my own.

I look around, it's not so bad, this being where I am.
Industry can never frame a life,
nor religious creeds come close to setting
this, my spirit, free. Peer groups are always
bound for strife. Artistry means nurturing
the seeds - so close akin to motherhood.
Creation growing of the need to be.
A little something more sometimes,
at other times a little less. Clean it up,
dear child of mine, before you make
another mess too real.

Awareness can be heavy, and consciousness
a deep unending pit. I am woman, and this earth
of which I'm part, freely shares her wisdom with
the whole of this, my mother's heart.
I share it too, but few are those who listen.
Little bird, you fly so free. Above the land and
battle sprees.

Show me how to fly again, with thee...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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