Kiss of Mist

Clouds of light; a kiss of mist
How tenderly these loving hearts can speak
Images: surreal, divine
Spirit of a love sublime
I reach, I touch, I feel.

Slow motion; movement seems unreal
Eternity drifts through and through
Reflections in the silver pond
Moonlit wisdom being spun
Prophesy of utter happiness.

Sunlight drifting, golden through the leaves
Whispering within a newborn breeze
A sigh, a tear, a smile dear
Rising up in heaven's eyes
Naturally, without a guise

Bubbles dancing on the waves
Mermaids sleeping in the caves
Glistening, the golden sands
Lovers walking hand in hand
So welcome in this misty land

Until the flood begins again
It cannot be concealed
Surely, it will run its course
Destiny, its only source
Washing over everything

Force of pressure
Sweet release
Within the flow
A glow of peace
Relieves the warring mind

High tide - the sea becomes it all
Fly within the sirens' call
O'er the misty images
Become the source
The seed, the plant
Come feed your ever growing need

Sun rising even as it falls
Dusk behind the waterfalls
Beckoning within the want
Dreaming in ethereal fonts
Desiring the fire's warmth

Relax, the feel of pain
Has ceased to be
The time has come
For we are wandering again
And we are free

Silently, the willow reaches down
To lightly touch the gleaming stream.
Alluringly, its melody is
Floating through the dream.
White puffy clouds, like cotton candy,
Magnetize rose-tinted hues.

The breeze begins to stir and mix
Sky blue and rose into a lilac mist.
Harmony, it beckons us to come.
Clouds of light; a kiss of mist
How tenderly a loving heart
Can speak...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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