Life Goes On

There is no understanding it -
this place we've reached
amid the placid preaching
of a god who claims to love.
The battleships are ready
for another round of war.

I look upon the gaining moon
and wonder why I cannot fly,
like her. In and out of starlit
skies. Far beyond the alibis
that mankind has to offer.

The clouds are gathering.
Their urge too deep to ever
stop within an altering.
Just before the lightning flashes,
splashes of an intricate,
invisible reality are seen.

Alive within the dream,
we travel on. Wandering
and wondering. Searching
for a meaning that will last -
beyond these mortal shells
that seem to cast the shadow
of mortality.

We have traveled far beyond
the youth that seemed to have
no end. This reality of flesh
becomes more spent as time
moves on. Is it merely our beliefs
that make it so...?

Imagine this: a consciousness
that never knew of death. Why
should our imagination have to
shrink into the dark of savagery
again? Is that enough to right
the wrongs we know are real?

Here, within the heart of all humanity -
we live, we breathe.
But do we make a difference...?
In constancy, we choose to
travel on. Destination unknown,
a twilight zone becomes another
reaching out.

Hand that dares to touch another hand.
Lips that dare to breach the fairyland
of never was. One pure white dove
delivers yet another miracle.
And life goes on...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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