Light a Candle

Light a candle.
Focus on the light.
See the darkness
in the magic mists
of dancing images.

Falling up, unlike the rain;
more as if a mist of stars
were opening to you.
That scent - is that a
field of wild flowers
come to life...?

Burning, ever-burning
flame that turns into a
sphere. Moonlit bright,
you trust in spirit sight.
Tingling, this breeze
upon your flesh.

Open up your arms and
let the spiral dance begin
to come alive in you,
moving in a swirl of infinity.
So sweet, the taste of
dew upon the tongue.

And there within a single
candle flame, a silent
harmony begins to sing
of new tomorrows being
born. So light a candle.
Focus on the light.
Know its vision
as eternity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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