Lighting Up the Sky

Crystal castle lighting up the sky - each time
the sun shines through the facets of its
healing clarity; no matter time of day or
night, or mindset that I seek to keep, I feel you
here with me. A cooling wind comes breezing
down the avenue, and you are here; your touch
the lightest brush of silk upon my heated skin,
as you run your fingers through my hair again.

At night, that quiet time of dreams and reverie,
we revel in the energy that builds itself of all
the love that we are meant to be; wondering
that others cannot see and touch this feeling
that we've come to be through one another.
Hearts beat in echoed symmetry - a rhythm
that so seldom is conveyed or heard above
the rushing stream of busy days that live
right through this moving time of love divine
that ever comes to sweep us off our feet.

And yet, at times, a pall is cast, and yet another
shadow of your past, blocks out the light; then
all that we have come to love begins to shiver
and to shake. What omen this, that makes your
heart beat hard and fast in fear...? So that
even as I hold you near, I feel you fade away.
Mystery of mysteries, come take me far away -
for I have lived too long, too long, within the
cloudy casts of pasts that ever seem to echo
within me. And yet this living memory defies
all understanding; as once again, I find you
standing right in front of me.

Ghostly white, your spirit tries to speak again
to me - yet every word is lost upon a wind
become no more than howling - for instinct
has arisen in a force that cannot be denied.
It's power has been known to tear the best
of worlds to shreds. Chaotically it rips and
bends and tears our lives apart. And so we
flee, to meet on high again. Where crystal
castles still amend, all the wrong that life
in time and space has sent to try to keep
our hearts apart.

And here, just here, we love again - amid
the glowing mystery of love that comes
eternally to heal the wounds inflicted.
For soon or late, the light of love will
shine again within all eyes, lighting up
the sky again, in the love that marks prosperity -
and this, this love we share,
must now be seen as its beginning and
an all-becoming interlude that in the end,
must heal all the world - from here, my love,
where shall we travel next...?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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