Living Love

At times, I feel as if these walls were no more
than a cage of mankind's making - mere solitude
that brings an emptiness to this vocation of
expression of the matrix of these words. Yet
even now that you have gone, I find again this
blend of loving innocence that speaks
in an unaltered wisdom of the feminine itself.

Even as the summer heaviness of this humidity,
that never comes to satiate our thirst, becomes
a feeling that has laid too long upon these lands
that we inhabit - It seems to bring these lives
of living, breathing motion into a realm of
molten nothingness. And so I sit and wonder
on a star that shines e'er brightly through
the heat of summer nights; and find again,
this star's response within a purity of softly
beaming light, that speaks of moonlit interludes
of lover's being true to one another -
within a field of wildflowers that
forever bloom into reality again.

A lighter shade of pale shines within these
moods of moonlit tides, that wax and wane
according to the heartbeat of the earth itself.
And here, within this night divine, I see your
shining eyes evoking feelings of a cosmic
amplitude. I cannot help but wonder why,
just one that seems as small as I, might come
to bring such power from the core of spirit
speaking. Yet I feel such tenderness within
the gist of your response, that even now,
I cannot help but to respond again - from
realms of love that must be heaven-sent;
reaching and still seeking portals of re-entry
into these forms of flesh, as love of life
re-opens itself to this sense
of living fate and destiny.

It feels as if the you of I is meant to shine forever
within these skies of indigo; e'er reaching further
in a touch of living light on flesh - higher, deeper,
wider than the telescopic spaces that this indigo
have ever lent to this mortal eyes before. And so
I wait, with all the patience I can muster, for you
to come to open up your heart yet once again;
that this ascendance of all feelings of descending.
might come alive within each particle of time,and
too into each cell of living flesh again;
even as I ache into what seems forever,
for the arrival that must cancel
all departures in a perpetuity
of living love divine...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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