Love Is Here

I'd forgotten what it felt like to be
near to you this way; for so many
variations of experience have lived
themselves between the love we
used to share and where we seem
to be right now in time and space
and distance.

At last, a momentary breath of contemplation
drifts into an alteration of the patterns of your
life; for once again you dare to fly the skies
on high with me. And then, just when the
threads of life's entanglements are loosed,
pure memory arises there in you, unaltered
by belief or attitude or force of pressure.

Love is waiting here. Do you remember...?
Timeless moments of pure ecstasy that used
to be so real. Touch - sublimity of every
sensitivity of pure evocative sensation.
Flowing motion, mesmerizing mind within
a tingling electricity; when unabashed and
unashamed we dared to bare ourselves
entirely to one another.

Uneasy now, you wonder how it was that
you were led to just give up on all of this.
Sigh, oh deep unending ghostly breath.
Taunting as it teases yet another living
memory to wakefulness; one moment
of an endless kiss come true. White
unicorns in parking lots; dancing
through an endless span of loving
creativity. Old and new, the music
blends and then reblends into another
symphony of truth.

For love is here. Found now within
a thread that pulls us back in time and
space - back to those days of majesty
and great mobility, when you and I
allowed ourselves to simply love each
other. Excitation rising, falling, blending
everything into a living fantasy come true.

You pause and take a deeper breath,
for others must not see this state of
vulnerability arise in you. Eyes closed,
it feels as if you are alone, even here
amid a crowd of other passengers - racing
somewhere, just like you, without quite
knowing why. For meaning lies beyond the
bounds of factual information.

Now words and strings of melodies begin
to sing themselves through just one heart
that beats in endless, multi-colored hues
of living tapestries; full of pure potential
incandescence.  You drift,
yet not to sleep; instead you reach
again for realms of memories surreally
stealing back into your consciousness.

They sparkle and they shine so bright that
sprites begin to dance upon the waters of
our memories again; flowing into streams
that seem to gleam metalically. Bubbles
burst and drift away, whispering their way
into these waking dreams once sought and
found within reality. How was it that you let
them fall apart...?

Silently - you cry, you scream, holding back
those tears that need to shed themselves
within their healing complexity. You swear
now that you hear her laughter drifting softly
through the air again. And oh, the there and
then that comes to mind within the gist of
this appeal. Oh, how you long to take her
in your arms yet once again.

But can you e'er amend the many wounds
of your departure...? So much still left
unspoken in your solitary attitudes and ways.
Mere words cannot replace that look of love
once memorized upon her face. Dejectedly,
you feel again the fear of her rejection - if
once again you dared to draw too close.

Another sigh, from up on high. You shake
your head, but nothing seems to clarify this
state of ultimate, untimely need within your
heart that beats for only this: an authenticity
that only love can bring. You try to write
and yet the words get stuck and lost
somewhere within, where worlds spin -
too out-of-whack to find a simple orbit of

Queasy and uneasy, you start to wish
this flight had never lifted off today. Yet
here you are and here you're bound to
stay; within this timelessness of an unearthly
fascination yet again - so strong that it
upends the steadied state of mind that
came to you while struggling through
those endless seconds of mere grounded
time. Breathe, just breathe! You must
receive your soul into yourself again.

So close, so close - those dreams were
coming true! And here amid the sky-lit
blues and puffy white of clouds on high,
they still abide unaltered, ever waiting
for deliverance in form. You feel them
now, like tendrils reaching, touching,
entering again into a once sequestered sphere
of mere intelligence. You wish, at once,
that they would end to just begin again.

Unknown to you, she feels it too, this
struggle of love's reawakening. Painfully,
she bears these silent memories to
living form again. Alone and unrelieved,
she sings these words for you (even as
she sheds another stream of tears for this
greatest loss of love endured too long).

And so this mortal time keeps moving on;
forgetting what it felt like to be near in just
that way of loving tenderness; for too many
variations of experience have lived
themselves between the love we used to
share and where we seem to be right now -
divided by a time and space and distance
that never felt this love as real at all.

Yet still these feelings rise on high, adorning
skies of light and dark alike. For love is here,
amid the clear, unearthly magic mists, where
that one kiss must linger on forever...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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