Love Is Now

Unfolding and enfolding everything
that lives, this love goes on. Cosmically,
it reaches into veins of love we knew
before; yet even now, within these
memories, a new love grows within
these hearts of ours; as we are seized
once more as if within the hand of
powers higher than ourselves.

For consciousness itself deems feelings
of this source of love sublime; even as we
struggle yet with understanding of these
psychic yet invisible and overwhelming
feelings of each individual's beliefs; and
all that came between the love we used
to feel as true.

It's now or never, so some say, and yet
today an ever enters in again, for all
that we have been to one another,
and too, for all we've yet to come to be.
For each of us, we feel the world in tones
of death-defying difference; and thus
we breach our unity in layers of each
prayered pain's resistance.

Sand castles melt again into those
living hues of deep cerulean. And
still, we must come once again to build
another mold that just might last, no
matter all the timing of a past that
spent our creativity for less than just
a little of its worth. There was a great
awakening in days thought long ago,
that still expands itself in our awareness.

A bard once wrote that being lost was
worth the coming home, and yet, this
poet cannot help but wonder why
it must seem so; when here within our
hearts our home resides - unaltered
by the greater tides of life and movement.
We join and then depart into reunion;
just then it seems that all we do remains
no more than minor variations of a
movement as of yet left incomplete.

And so you went, and so did I - without
an alibi conceived within a particle of
love's indemnity. And no matter how
we try to join again, somehow these
altered dispositions come to lay another
deep deposit in between. How is it that
we reached beyond, within those myths
and come out empty-handed yet again...?

When bodies touched, in flesh and mind,
within one heart of spirit singing out, and
we (just you and I, my love) came then to be
a sense of utter harmony, but then the
ever-turning tides of life began to ebb
and flow again. Oh, endless kiss, where
has the bliss gone to...? That ecstasy
that we once knew as real, as we falter still
upon the altar of this love's denial. Shattered
and still shattering, I slowly make my way
around this bend I never wished to take
at all - forced unto another path the day
you chose to go away from me.

And yet, a coldness crept and seems yet
still entwined around your heart that
once new love so well.  And it screams in
utter agony again. How can I listen now and not
resond with my own pain?  For too many and
too much has come between the then and now,
as rainbow dreams were swept away within
the winding paths you chose to take there in
the wake of only just society. So once again,
I choose to take another stand, a newborn
route, a path into deliverance from pain
of loving ways now lost.

For the unity that we once felt as real has
faded into mists of lies and blind deception;
driving wedges deeply down into the ground
of our existence - and this I simply can't
abide forever. For I am and ever was and
so shall be, a gist of individuality, no matter
promises unkept, or pristine hues that speak
to only yesterdays that cannot come again.

It matters not the stage or age or shape or
form we each assume, nor titles that bespeak
an aptitude; for love is real and love is all
I've ever needed to go on. This love of all,
that still lives on in me, even now that you
have chosen to depart. What matters, now
and ever after, streams through me again,
for love is true no matter our identities within
the realms of time's reality of life in form.

At times a loving memory of you and I arises
yet again; and teases yet another tear to cry
itself in great relief; yet all I am still sends so
many messages of heart and soul to me that
even tears become a mere transcendence
of a past left unredeemed within your life.
And still I speak, for ever must these words
be spoken - of love within these mortal forms
of life's divinity; even as I wonder if a one-
night stand might prove itself to be more
kind than all your unkept promises of
evermore made real.

For here, upon the shores of love's survival,
still I stand within a strength that dissipates
all expectations of those past and passing
blind beliefs you chosse to base your life
upon again. This dream lives on within one
form, and just for now it still must be enough
to nourish me. As cosmically, love reaches
into veins of flesh and blood that keeps on
moving on; and even now, within these
memories, a new love grows in wondrous
resplendence, within this heart of mine
and too, connected to the heart
of earth so true; and I am seized once
more as if within the hand of powers higher
than these particles of flesh and blood seem
capable to bring into expression. And so yet
once again, I seek upon those universal tides
of utter being, for response.

For this, my love, is ever at the core
of what we all search for - this sensible
and vast sensation of one love - no matter
thoughts of past or future - for love is now,
or love is not at all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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