Love's Anticipation

The angels and the devils merge
in love's anticipation. Oh, their souls
are seeping through the layers of
protection they once held. (And yet,
how long, how far can they conceive
this love to be within reality?) Another
chance for ecstasy, extending into
realms of magic making everything
the same. That's all that they can see.
Yet feelings swarm, enhanced by
the immediate proximity of symmetry
within this moonless night.

When morning comes, what will they
choose again to just believe? (Oh, but
they refuse to think that far ahead just now.)
How now, brown cow, what do you care
for me? Without excuse - he dresses,
and then quietly walks out the door,
just praying that she sleeps until he's
gone. Relieved from all the stress that
real communication tends to bring, he
runs away yet one more time, the words
he spoke to her in ecstasy too easily

He doesn't wish his love to come of age;
for aging hinges on responsibility that he
has never wagered on. He knows, too well,
how disappointing those relationships have
come to be for him. And so he runs again,
from any chance of lasting meaning in his
life in time that just keeps running on and on.
Yet there remains a sense of some unspoken
need, unmet this time around, and the only
word that comes to mind is deviant. He blushes
secretly to scarlet hues of imminence. Yet still
his chosen life decrees it must be so. And so
he wills himself into his chosen role again.

Silently, she cries into her pillow. When
will mankind ever learn to just admit all
that the feminine has taken on for them
within each touch of flesh on flesh? She
trembles, on the brink of giving up. Then
showers, as she heads for work again. Not
that it will really help at all; for all the many
seeds he spent have come alive within
her life, and nothing can retrieve her
innocence - not any more.

Will she ever learn to break the spell his
momentary love thrust into her...? Here,
with all the angels and the devils
merging, in that margins of eternity
and love's anticipation...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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