Loving Light

Poetic peace reached through
to touch it all with healing
o'er cosmic spans of time,
knowing that a time would come
when She would reach the scene.

And there upon an unknown
distant shore, she walked alone.
Unafraid and uninvited, save by one,
whom she had always called Beloved.

Miles of sparkling, golden sand
stood sentry for an endless, timeless span
honor bound to watch for Her arrival.
Magically enhanced by life, they knew
their destiny, and so did She.

Waves of warm south oceanic currents
lifted Her from deep and icy depths.
The dolphins came to heal her, and then
the great white whale led Her home to this
deserted stretch of utter paradise.

And here She lived, and there She loved
just out of social spheres of time and space
longing for an ancient love that seemed
to come, then dissipated into misty dreams
that seemed no more than fantasy.

Details of a great imagination; She wrote
the tale upon the sacred bark of long lost trees.
From there, the winds would chant her dreams
as if a living deity were whispering its magic
through their ears.

Siren, muse, and angel bright - they tried to name
this loving light. Alas, She always faded formlessly.
Until that fateful day when He awakened, there
within this dream of evermore; and loved Her
on those golden shores into infinity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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