Loving Memories

No matter how I tell myself that all we had
must now be over; still, I cannot help but
entertain those memories of loving times
we shared within a purity of fantasy unveiled -
for we loved true, at least for just a little while.
Because you see, this love lives on, e'en there,
within those precious, painful memories of
what we used to be - a love so true that
time itself stood still at its command.

Since that day of your abrupt departure
(that seems so long ago and yet just
yesterday), so much has come to bear
upon my body, mind and soul within the
endless beating of this heart. For when
you left, it was as if the source of a divinely
managed cycle ad abruptly come unbound,
unwinding everything that I'd believed
was meant to be our future coming real.

I found so many answers then, slowly
gaining back a sense of balance that is
still too shy to stand within this center
once again. On and on, I looked, I searched;
I found so many answers that I never
wished or wanted to believe. Yet at this core
of freedom lies a truth of love that seems to
constantly unveil itself to us, each time we
seek within our hearts for this love's guidance.

And oh! The truth I found then seemed
a pain too large to be endured- yet still,
I am - and still, this heart of mine insists
I find my way back home to love that's
true - beyond the lies of your deception,
above and yet within a greater soul than
ever you have come to know within
potential. For I know that you
have given up on this great love
that we once shared complete.

Yet too, I know that I am being blessed, eternally;
by some great power that still inspires me;
and I seek now this: to choose consistently,
these feelings of a love beyond compare.
I know that I am getting there again, even now
that you are gone and seem so lost - especially now,
unbound from all the bonds that seemed to hold
me in a net of consternation for one short
span of time that never could endure.

Oh mists of mystery, behold this love and
bring it streaming once again through all
we know that we can be. It matters not,
the shape or form or length of improvised
endurance. Dream, oh dreams, that seem
so wide awake, must now become for me
just one reality of blessed give and take;
that seek to mend and thus amend each
instance of a past too full of pain. And this,
I pray, become a new reality for each and
every heart that beats in this amazing
synchronicity of love itself.

Oh, powers of all creative industry, please
hear us now. For some of us are lost upon
a path that only seems to put us down - we,
the lost and lonely of a world too wide to
have been found by you - misplaced somehow
along the many routes and paths we once
were taught were binding in beliefs of some
authority that never had a name.

Oh, erstwhile love of memory, my heart is
free and true; seeking yet again one soul
who dares imagine this one fantasy of
loving care into reality - that heaven may
arise again within this mortal world for
all of us. And love responds, in playful
ways that even I did not imagine could
exist (before this ever-living moment of
right now) - as memory extends itself
into a distant past of future calling
once again upon the wind.

Oh summer night, I sense your sprites,
alive and dancing rings around earth's
fields of wildflowers; as hours fade away
within a mist of magical adventure, where
time does not exist at all - yet this, this bliss
is ever deepening itself in heights surreal.
Silvery Aspen leaves are singing softly
in a breeze of purely elfin majesty - for
the elfin queen has found her king
alive and well again.

And faeries play the cares of day away,
as stardust gently winks its particles of
silver-golden light into our waking dreams.
A hush falls o'er this fantasy, just as a
baby dragon cracks its shell and finds
its wings all glistening with dew-dropped
beams - in reflections ever gathering to
welcome yet another life of love into
this world.

Violet tints of indigo, awash with rosy
hues of flower power, imprint themselves
eternally within infinity for each of us
to find anew, when e'er we opt for
loving touch again. Let us wish then
now into forever, upon these stars
that glow within each velvet night
that knows of not one shape or form,
to find forever in our one and only fate,
whose meaning lies beyond the tides
of time that seems to blend into eternity.

As cycles, spirals, rise just now in
starry eyed surprise - for this must be;
this love of you, of me, of us, of all;
no matter how the oceans rise and fall,
as we allow (simply allow) these dreams
to be. For no matter want, nor need,
nor creed - this love will never end.
I feel it sighing softly through a wind
of verity; so surely meant to be that
I must bow again to unknown heights
and depths, breezing through these
hours of pure poetry in motion and
emotive power.

If only we can just abide within this
in between; where high and low and
width and breadth of loving life comes
into consciousness of being. The road
seems long; the paths wind round and
round amid complexity and vast confusion;
yet always when we seek the guidance of
our heart and soul, all that we are responds -
somehow within a harmony - enchantingly, it
echoes out to reach this one and only
truth of love that guides us home again.

As we, the lost and lonely seek, yet still
another way - no matter how impossible
it seems. I swear, these stars are speaking
now through me; for my feet are grounded
here upon this earth of evolution, granting
yet another chance - for loving memories
to be reborn within these hearts of ours -
this time to sail upon the winds
of all infinity - just now within this one
and only dream of love come true...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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