Loving Touch

Melodies of other days and times
still bring back memories of magic
moments, when once upon a time
came true within one touch of
loving you.

Summer nights and days of make-believe,
when all we see and feel is love, forever
opening. The crickets sing, and so we
dream of timelessness and loving ecstasy
as spirits spread their wings and find a way
to fly away yet once again.

Higher, let us fly yet higher still,
and reach for yet another peak divine;
when all that is sublime redeems
these particles of flesh that gleam
in hues of rose-stained gold;
as days of old become one moment,
wakening again.

A star - one star that shines so bright, it
brings this love to us in streams of light,
subdued and yet imbued with mighty power;
purest rays of innocence, appealing to
the very source of deity, and bringing now
as if on angel's wings, this stardust falling
into eyes that see our dreams come true.

Flying further yet, we find astounding realms
where mind and matter never have been
split asunder by beliefs so blind they grind
themselves to dust - mere ashes of the
passion of desire we create. While energy,
this source of all attraction, spirals up and
down and through a myriad of additive

Clouds of colors burst their bonds, and
gently, misty rain begins to alter every
breath we take; for now we live and
breathe each other, reaching for one
kiss that blends the two into a wholeness
so complete, the world evolves within
our moving undulations. Python-like,
he must ascend again into the moisture
of a dark and secret cave; for here the
covenant is made and kept.

As all darkness blends within this ever
altering of loving ways and meaning ever
flowing through the gist of all our dreams.
And melodies of other days and times
become alive within new moments of
this magic mystery, as once upon a time
comes true again and too, eternally,
within another loving touch of you...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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