Majesty of Magic

Magic, magic, come to me right now.
Oh love, this feeling is divinity come real,
here within this flesh, these cells, this flow.
I moan, I sigh, oh silent whispering aloud within
a tone so clear, so bold, that you and I
again behold this heavenly composure
between these hearts so dear, so near
that surely, we must beat together now.

You fade and fall right into me, so gently
at the first; rising as we call into an indigo
that shines itself so purely into living
atmosphere. Melting, melting – streams
begin to flow, within this glow of starlight
so enticingly surreal in its affect, we reel
again into those magic mists of loving,
infinite abundance . Touching, in slow
motion, so it is, this new beginning
of our love.

One kiss (oh kiss of everlasting bliss!),
and ecstasy begins to dance, like sprites
upon the waters of forever – one and then
another, joining and dividing – just so we
might come again together in this feeling
of forever. Spirit light, oh lover mine,
this moment when we meet and greet,
becomes the gist of time and space
and grace eternally evolving.

We move, and motion must become
this love forever altering all life in form
for you and I (and then somehow, for
every other too). Synchronized, our hearts
beat in a rhythm here within this dream
we dream (so wide awake, and yet so
intimate, as joy arises in a blend amending
even memories of times gone by).

I gasp, you moan, we groan so sweetly
just beneath the glory of this symphony
of artistry that weeps clear tears within
these nights of an apothecary idiosyncrasy.
We know, we show, we feel, we touch
(oh, touch of starlit ecstasy!) – angels
loving tenderly into a heat that must
(in time’s eventuality) cool itself that
it might rise again.

We know not why or what or how or when
this feeling beyond bliss might start or end;
for all we know is timelessness, forever
blessed by some supreme yet utter source
of living deity. And I cannot help but wander
with you here, for feelings (oh, sweet clarity of
love's emotion, so clearly speaking now!),
no matter nuances of fear that fade
as quickly as they come to be.
Hearts begin to race in
ever rising increments.

Closer, closer, losing all control
so slowly as these moments grow
in scopes beyond dimension, seemingly
made real by measurements of needles
spinning in an instrument of man’s production,
seeking to alleviate these great creative tendencies
of all loving co-creation; hoping to replace it with
that gross destruction some mechanics seem to
bring recurringly into these lives we love.

More, oh more, continue on, my love –
for thee I open consciously within
this sense of greater being – surreal
and yet so real, we must respond as one
alone and yet together in one moment
of an utter synchronicity. Illusion of
imagined stress subsides into a happiness
that lives within us all somewhere, somehow.

And here a strength, so simply sweet,
brings innocence again into these interludes
of healing sexuality. For love abides forever
in these loving eyes of ever opening; I swear
I see eternity in growing galaxies alight within
your eyes. (Love, oh love! Transcendence
of all paradox! Come be this pleasure
we conceive in flesh!)

And truly, there can be no pain within
this great awakening of cells that gracefully
attain a blending, and blessed by all that needs
to be itself.  And echoed memory chimes in
to say that surely, this must be insanity –
this one pure point of growing bliss,
so perfectly astounding every sacred sacristy.
Goddess here, oh Godhead dear – now come
together endlessly betwixt, between, and flowing
through these mortal bodies reaching for that
pure conception of all immortality.

We rise, we fall, we roll, we blend within each
new creation that must bend a rainbow’s arch
into a bridge that spirits walk upon together; as
step by step our flesh, these feet will lead us through
the darkest night to bring another morning light
to bear upon this face, this earth, this natural
and so appealing aptitude that moves us into
realms beyond imagining. Whisper softly, here
within these ears of mine, and love, I must
respond with all that I can come to be.

Trust, oh trust – completely opening into two
hearts that softly follow as they lead each
other into heights and depths that lie here,
in between and yet within this intimate
reality of dreams come true, surrendering
all boundaries to what is meant to be.
And this is love, awakening again in endless
cyclic motion - even as the tides will rise
when e'er the moon might say.

Beastly, oh this beauty that so gently speaks
upon the voice of summer breezes blowing
with us through these nights of starlit secrecy.
Uplifting, as we are uplifted – guided by
angelic hands of harmony that bring to be
symphonies of overwhelming moments of
sensational believability. We know, somehow,
for memories arising tell us so, that this must
be the meaning of descending in ascendance
through an immortality of shape and form.
(Oh, blueprint of an infinite eternity! Ever
changing even as it seems to stay the same.)

This circling, this flow of energy between us
moves, and in its motion is an ever living wheel
of a healing that ever opens out, bringing chaos
to an incensed state that rings so loudly as it
pours pure sensitivity into the air we breathe;
when mountains seek to move themselves
beneath and yet within the silent seas of
heaven’s being. Soul to soul, and heart to heart,
we are. And now a newborn star arises, alight
within a cooling heat of fires burning
endlessly within.

Oh crystal path of healing, we walk within
your gentle guidance now, for love abides;
above within the skies - and so below, beneath
those seas of grand emotion - yet poignantly,
within this moment now, just in between the two
of us – as love rings through it all within a vibrant
stationary wave. Endlessly, these changing garments
of a synergy of love reach in and out again to touch
the very center of each heart that beats sweet
melodies to life.

Magic, magic, come again and then again,
for ever will we seek to find another point
of healing divine within this love; one love
of mysteries held silently and yet complete
within a dew-dropped sense of living memory.
The sun may rise and fall, yet through it all,
one sense of great enchantment intercedes;
as love comes to us on angelic wings, fluttering
upon a breeze of indigo delight, as a silent peal
of lightening that surely will become another song
of morning drawing us together near and far;
and we know beyond the shadow of all doubt
that love (this love, our love, one love) is surely
here to stay...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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