More and Less

We are so much more and less
than we believe we are. A mindset
can destroy our hearts and souls.
Implanted, blind beliefs lie at the core
of everything we are or hope
to ever be.

The little lies we tell ourselves
to make it seem okay, begin to
overlay the truth of love. While
underneath, our hearts still beat
the truth of what we feel into
our lives.

What can love be...?
If not a total honesty
that moves us through
and through within the
magic of its worth.

Can even sensuality be
less complete than that,
and be okay? We seek
control by pathways of
the mind and intellect;
and yet reject the wisdom
that these cells of flesh
must hold.

Denied, our sexuality becomes
no more than base and scurrilous.
Yet touch speaks so much more
than words can tell. Can we
deny responsibility for something
that is basic to ourselves?

A touch can heal, a touch can harm.
Words upon a breath of wind
can do the same. Do we think that
we are tame because our overtures
of striking out are subtle? Can we
speak of love, and never touch at all?

Sexuality is energy, so basically endowing
life it's breath and width and form. The soul
itself is born of such a touch. Birth control
does not relieve the implications of this
energy two people come to share.
For all such touch, a living entity
begins to form, invisible. There is
effect beyond the many affectations;
invisibly, it comes to this, no matter
what we do.

The I of I, the you of you - how closely
they can mix within a touch. Alchemically,
the change is set in motion. And heart
and soul respond, emotionally - to all
we say and do, no matter the distance
measured in between. And this response
lives on into the air we breathe. Yet
we're taught that our responsibility
only runs as deep as outer layers
of skin. The deception of division.

The inner and the outer are as one.
The way we feel expands itself, even
as all else affects us too. And everything
we are affects all others. Shall we suffer
silently and think our suffering is only
felt by one alone? It seems we seek
no more than just desensitivity. How
can we love and never sense at all?

Sense and sensitivity. The root
expanding out. Yet without love,
at every level, all the meaning
simply disappears.

We are so much more and less
than we believe we are....

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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