Movement of Amends

We finally take another step into
the many feelings that this mourning
brings to bear on us. And oh, the loss
felt streaming through these veins once
running deep within the realms of love
so true.

Memories, so poignantly alive and present,
seep into each moment of our separation;
and so we weep, behind closed curtains,
attempting yet a secrecy that never really
came to be at all. For love is ever calling
out to be made real, in particles of flesh
that come to bless the cosmos in a living
sense of life divine.

Desire, ever moving through our veins -
cries out yet to be lived. For all we ever
gave and give - still seems to lie within a
great reception of love's unity - that ever
will invite us to join in -and ever must
live on and on, into infinity. Angels seem
to wake me from the sleep that I so need;
reminding me that still I must move on
upon this path of all redemption.
And never has the sacrifice of earthly life
yet come to be the answer to this call.

Hands reaching out to feel much more
than words can ever come to tell; and
still each meeting of our lips becomes
another moment of pure bliss within each
opening that we dare choose as our reality.
I have not come to understand this grand
affect that you still have on me - for all that
mankind chooses to believe in as reality,
tells me still that time and space mean
so much much less than everything that is.

Yet still I feel your presence, ever altering
the should and ought, comprising walls of
nothing more than just enclosure, within
societies that we have come to live within.
Yet somehow, something greater than
the span of this humanity cries out.
And never has a love so true
come through to teach us
all that everyone so needs to know.
And so I seek those angel's wings again;
yet this time, you and I must just become
a blend of harmony within
this flight of love's divinity in flesh.

But still, this sense of hopelessness pervades
my days and nights - for I know that you deny,
yet still, the greater meaning of that meeting
of our hearts and souls. For you chose to close
your heart again; and I cannot seem to find
that momentary movement of amends - not even
here, within this moment of "I am"...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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