Natural Majesty

Wind whipping all the branches of the trees
into a dance of utter symmetry. Here and
there, a leaf broke free, to fly another way;
while a love born of the purity of plenty,
began to stream again into these ancient,
ever growing patterns of all life; arriving
in a mist that hints of life beyond departure.

Branches become tresses of a golden youth
whose hair seems more alive than any scent
of sight could be. As the world, in all its
natural majesty, endures beyond the ever
changing vistas of all eyes; and we begin to
feel our way again into an ever-living bliss
of heart-felt being.

A humming bird is hovering, its flight become
the beauty of vibration felt within a pause. A
sparrow, singing sweetly, starts to glide upon
a current born of endless pauses reaching out
to touch its feathery wings in air's expansion.
And there, just where the world moves out of focus,
an angel moves us silently, and we feel the wonder
rising far beneath our eyes, as the base of all
reality sets in.

Rain clouds move and blend into each other, yet
still the sun will brighten every particle of air.
Moisture mists itself into a drop that must become
another rainbow, ringing round the sound of
every graceful sway of branches in their dance
of utter symmetry.

For here, the slightest motion, lying undetected
in the massive history of mystery, rises as it falls
into astounding waves of changes, merging into
points of purest happiness just waiting to be found.
Altering the whole of what has never really come
to change at all; instead, it simply yields itself to
all the never-ending waves of subtle variation.

It's theme become the core of every dream of unity
and independence; for this world, in all its
natural majesty, endures beyond the ever
changing vistas of our eyes, opening our
hearts to love again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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