Nature's Magic

Yes, I live for it.
I was a city-bred child,
and found nature in small patches of grass
and borders of garden flowers
in the crunching of leaves under my feet
as I walked home from school;
in a gust of fresh wind that had not
the scent of exhaust fumes in it,
but whispered to me of something
far grander than I had yet come to know.

I have been blessed with a few eternal moments.
I wish no more than to be able to live them forever.
Society, politics, religion - the complexities of what
they deem culture these days
(too often minus the beauty of art),
It all weighs so heavily upon human shoulders,
clogging imagination with trivia, destroying lives
and nature at the flick of a switch or a push of a button;
the blast of a chemically engineered explosion.

Desensitized by repeated visions of violence.
Taught that to be strong must mean to be unfeeling,
and without personal compassion. And this they
deem success, even as the rain forests die, and
the love of this great earth is left unnoticed. Declaring
a war against terrorism by using the very same
weapons and tactics that the terrorists use.

Teaching our children to conform and thus grow
into no more than clones of so much that older
generations deny within and of themselves.
Pretending our own innocence when our children
learn those secret lessons all to well, and rebel
(or is it that they choose to live our unspoken
example and inner needs then?).

I hear spirits crying out to be freed from the slavery
named success, and have watched all too many
succumb to the death of their souls. I do what I can
to try to make a difference, but too often I seem no more
than just a grain of sand upon an endless shore; waves
of greater power tossing me about unheeded and unheard.

They tend to punish what they
fear the most about themselves,
and force us into a state of non-existence.
Or worse - when they condemn us
to live out their pain for them,
that they need not feel it for themselves.

Yet nature lives on, and the magic exists,
And still somehow, there is love...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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