Your eyes are gone from here.
These days, at those few times
I seek them out - no light comes
back to me; as poignantly,
it used to do so frequently.

It seems you have immersed yourself
again - too thoroughly within the lies
the powerful still seem to hold within
their sway of you. Always wishing
for much more, yet never brave enough
to make it so. 'Tis the only notion left
that might confirm the fact that you still
have a soul at all.

And yet, your soul has been misused -
for too long and in too many ways - for
love to claim its greater meaning there.
Sad, but true - you always were the
greatest of your own abusers. Even now,
perhaps more-so than e'er before,
you revel in a depth of self-denial.

Claiming this, yet living that -
thinking that the difference must
still mean just your survival.
You reached, just once, within
the many years that you claim true,
for love. You pride yourself for
just a few true moments of deliverance.
Even as you distance yourself,
more than e'er before, from that -
your heart.

And now you reach, in vain again,
for just another moment of the feel
of that deliverance. More and more,
your memories have been depleted
of their worth. There are so few
upon this earth that dare to love
in truth. A momentary pause, and
love is gone - seeking yet again,
one other mind that might conceive
the heart as true.

...the reasoning of mind alone
will never be enough to find
the feeling of fulfillment
we all need - and yet
my heart beats stronger still,
within the base relief
of your departure...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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